2017 Trustee Election

Confirmed Trustees

The 2017 Trustee election closed at midday on Tuesday 11 April 2017, with 5 nominations received for the 2 vacancies on the Trust.  An election was required and was conducted by postal voting.


The 9 appointed Trustees for the Mana Ahuriri Trust in alphabetical order are now:


HUATA-KUPA            Tania

KEMP-HARMER        Beverley

MAIHI-CARROLL       Joinella

MULLANY                 Mat

NEERA                      Lewis

PRENTICE                Piriniha

RATIMA                    Evelyn

WILSON                   Barry

WILSON                   Terry






Powers of the Trust:

The Trustees continue to have all the powers of a natural person and may exercise those powers in accordance with the terms of this Trust and the law. Without limiting in any way the generality of the foregoing, the Trustees shall have the powers:


  1. to receive or accept, or to make any disposition of, any real property, including any interest of any type in real property;
  2. to receive or accept, or to make any disposition of, any personal property (whether chattels, choses in action, intellectual property, and otherwise howsoever), including any interest of any type in personal property;
  3. to receive or grant any security, including any guarantee, mortgage, pledge, charge, or security interest, in relation to all, or any part of, Property;
  4. to contract, to grant a release, to grant a power of attorney (in a form determined by the Trustees and only to a person who is a Member and not to any co­ Trustee), to appoint an agent, a receiver, or a stakeholder, to settle property on, or declare, a trust;
  5. to issue or take any debt or equity security;
  6. to borrow or to lend money;
  7. to undertake any business or investment, including any joint venture and limited partnership, and using any Trust Assets;
  8. to acquire and retain Property (including by way of exchange), and irrespective of whether or not it is income producing, so long as the Trustees are satisfied that there is or will be benefit to the Beneficiaries of Mana Ahuriri Trust or the Mana Ahuriri Group in such retention;
  9. to sell Property on such terms as the Trustees consider appropriate, including leaving any part of the purchase price owing, with or without security and with or without interest;
  10. to lease from or to any third party any Property;
  11. to establish and fund any scholarship, sponsorship, grant and/or award for any educational, community, vocational and cultural purposes;
  12. to start and utilise any reserve funds;
  13. to assume and fully discharge all proper liabilities of Mana Ahuriri Incorporated incurred in connection with the negotiation and implementation of the Deed of Settlement;
  14. to insure against such risks as the Trustees deem expedient for the benefit of Mana Ahuriri Group, including key man, life, business interruption, material damage, loss of income, statutory liability, Trustee liability, material damage, cyber and directors and officers cover;
  15. to maintain, manage, improve and develop any Property;
  16. to employ or contact any person to work for Mana Ahuriri Group; and
  17. to act as directors in any Company or Subsidiary of Mana Ahuriri Group

on such terms as the Trustees consider appropriate unless inconsistent with any other provision in this Deed, and for the benefit of the Beneficiaries of Mana Ahuriri Trust and/or the Trust Purpose



Purpose of the Trust:

The purpose for which the Trust is established is to receive, manage, hold and administer the Trust's Assets on behalf of and for the benefit of the present and future Beneficiaries of Mana Ahuriri Trust in accordance with this Deed.


Without limiting in any way the generality of the foregoing, the Trustees may:


  1. promote the educational, spiritual, economic, social and cultural advancement or well-being of the Beneficiaries of Mana Ahuriri Trust ;
  2. provide for the on-going maintenance and establishment of places of cultural or spiritual significance for the Beneficiaries of Mana Ahuriri Trust;
  3. promote the health and well-being generally Beneficiaries of Mana Ahuriri Trust, including of the aged or those suffering from mental or physical sickness or disability; and
  4. undertake activities including commercial activities to support the Trust Purpose.


For more information go to the Mana Ahuriri Trust Deed by clicking HERE.

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